More Homes Installing Surveillance Cameras


As the summer vacation season is in full bloom, more homes are installing surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras have traditionally been used commercially for businesses in an attempt to help them to protect their assets. In recent years, however, the cameras are commonly used to monitor houses and apartment complexes.

“We’re starting to get more inquiries now that the Chinese made cameras have become cheaper,” said 247CCTV president Ryan Jin. “About 40 percent of the inquiries are for home-use. I’d say around 30 percent of our actual work involve houses and apartments.”

Most homeowners choose to install cameras around their properties to protect valuable belongings, while apartments tend to focus more on identifying those who enter the building.

The inspiration behind the increasing number of installations has been the lowering cost. Just two to three years ago, installing three to four cameras would require at least $1,500 to $2,000. Nowadays, the same type of installation work could be done for less than $1,000.

Generally, installing four to five cameras at a normal home would cost around $950.

Some homeowners have even place orders online and install surveillance cameras on their own.

“My family and I chose to install the cameras as we’ve had some problems with our neighbors,” said Downey resident Jimmy Yang. “Installing was tough at first, but it took us about four to five hours to get two cameras to work.”

Industry experts are encouraging homeowners to consult professionals to install the cameras and that it is safe to get the neighbors to agree as it could cause further trouble in the future relating to their pravicy.

By Brian Choi