Money Management Camp For Teenagers


“We’ll offer financial advices that aren’t often given at home and school.”

Chris Jeon, who once led AllMeriTS Financial, emphasized the importance of providing Korean-American children with sound finance education.

That Money Management Camp For Teenagers is why Jeon has decided to present
the teenager money management camp from June 13 to 14 in Orange County and from June 15 to 16 in Los Angeles.

“Managing and spending money is just as important as making a lot of it,” Jeon said. “Everything from paying for electricity to investing and learning about the economy will be provided at the camp.”

The event is presented by Global Financial Group and presented by the Korea Daily, Kim & Lee Corporation and Wolgan Kyoyuk.

“Financiers and insurance agents will also volunteer to speak to the children to make it a valuable experience for them,” Jeon said. “Former Marine Robert Park will also be at the event to encourage the children.”

Teenagers between ages 13 and 19 are eligible for the event. The O.C. camp will be held on June 13 and 14, followed by the L.A. event is on June 15 and 16. Over two days, the participants will learn money concept and individual finance management. They will also visit the Finance History Museum.

The students will also be required to submit an essay to enter a contest. The winning contestants will receive scholarships and rights to become student journalists.

The camp is open on a first come, first serve basis. The registration fee is $120 per person, which includes souvenirs, textbook, meals and field training expenses. The deadline for applications is May 31.
▶ Inquiry: (661)373-1235