[Kpop Spotlight] 3 Member Ladies Code returns with ‘GALAXY’


LADIES CODE (Ahsley, So Jung, and Zuny) have returned with the album ‘MYST3RY,’ two years since their last official musical release. The music video for their title song ‘Galaxy‘ was released today, February 24th KST.

Ladies Code originally debuted as a five member girl group with the song ‘Bad Girl’ in 2013 and scored big with popular songs like ‘Hate You,’ ‘So Wonderful,’ and ‘Kiss Kiss.’

However, the girls were in a fatal car accident in 2014 that caused the death of EunB and Rise. Thus this comeback is a powerful and meaningful testament to the surviving members’ strength.

Music video for Ladies Code’s title song ‘Galaxy’ was produced by Jo Bum Jin and VM ROJECT, who also created the music video for EXO’s ‘Love Me Right.’

ladies codeThe MV highlights the symbol THREE: there are three members, the title of the mini album ‘MYST3RY’ contains that number, there are three songs total (title song ‘Galaxy,’ melancholy love story ‘My Flower,’ and ‘Chaconne,’ a catchy incorporation of the violin), and the music video set and the choreography all highlight triangular shapes. This repetition powerfully speaks to the unity of the three remaining members.

Ladies Code will perform at a showcase later tonight and star on MBC Show Champion (Wednesday, February 24th) and various other music channels.

By Hajin Lily Yi