Korea’s One-Person Household Reaches an All-Time High


Among 21.2 households in South Korea, one-person households now take the largest portion at 7.38 million.

According to recent data released by South Korea’s Ministry of the Interior, 34.8 percent of the total households in the country are one-person households.

One-person households are then followed by families of only two at 4.52 million (21.3 percent), four (3.97 million, 18.7 percent), three (3.91 million, 18.5 percent), five (1.08 million, 5.1 percent), six (246,008, 1.2 percent) and seven (83,970, 0.4 percent).

Among the prevalent one-person households, people in their 50s led the way as 19.7 percent of the 7.38 million are in that age group. Those in their 40s came in second at 17.5 percent, followed by 30s (17.1 percent) and 60s (14.9 percent).

Gender gap within one-person households is fairly even, as 51.9 percent are men while 48.1 percent are women. Additionally there are 8,918 one-person households of those who are 17 years old or younger.

This is the highest number one-person households reached in South Korea since the Ministry of the Interior began collecting related data in 2008. One-person households have steadily improved since then, from 33.3 percent in 2010, 34 percent in 2014 and 34.8 percent in September of this year.