Korean Canadian Filmmaker Illustrates Lost Nostalgia of Second Generation Immigrants



Jasper Julia Lim, a Korean-Canadian filmmaker and actor, hopes to share her personal experience as a second generation immigrant through her upcoming film, No Sitting on the Grass.

No Sitting on the Grass, which is a semi-autobiographical feature film, depicts a travel of a young Canadian born Korean woman to Seoul, Korea, where she finds herself an outsider in her motherland. As she is continuously misunderstood, she starts to question her identity between two cultures.

“The film is based on my personal experience traveling to South Korea in the summer of 2014,” Lim writes as she introduces the project. “When I bring up this topic with friends and family, people of the second generation are eager to discuss more as we bond over that very feeling of alienation in your home country upon return.”

Through the film, Lim wishes to offer people of her own generation, as well as of the following generation, a piece in the changing history to which they can relate themselves. Lim’s film, No Sitting on the Grass, is currently fundraising for the production. Please visit the campaign page for more information.


By Heewon Kim