Korea Air Starts ‘SkyPets’ Service for Passengers with Pets


Korean Air has launched its SkyPets program for customers who wish to board flights with their pets. The program began on May 26. Travelers with their pets will earn “stamps.”

Depending on how many stamps they have collected, various benefits including discounts and free giveaways are available. According to Korean Air, the number of passengers who traveled with their pets has reached 250,000, marking a 50 percent increase compared to the previous year.

To use the service, the customers must register on Korean Air’s website (kr.koreanair.com). Only dogs, cats and birds are allowed to board the flight. One stamp is given to passengers traveling with a pet domestically, while international flights grant two stamps. To earn a 50 percent discount on international flights, 12 stamps are required. Collecting 24 stamps will give eligibility for a free international flight.

In addition, Korean Air will hold a raffle to give pet-care package to 50 customers.
The flight tickets for pets vary depending on their size. From Incheon to L.A. and vice versa, a pet up to 70.5 pounds are $200, while pets between 72.8 and 99.2 pounds will cost $400.

Asiana Airlines also charge the same amount for passengers who board their pets. However, transfer flights may charge an additional amount. More information is available on the airlines’ websites.


By Moonho Kim