[Kmovie Spotlight] New Movie ‘Pure Love’ Released Today, Starring D.O and Kim So Hyun


순정_영화Basic information
Title: Pure Love (순정)
Release Date: February 24th, 2016
Genre: Drama
Director: Lee Eun Hee
Stars: Do Kyung Soo, Kim So Hyun, David Lee, Joo Da Young, Yeon Joon Seok

Pure Lovealso known as Unforgettable, just held its premiere this Wednesday February 24th KST. The melodrama tells the friendship, first love story, and dreams of five high school students.

Pure Love takes the baton from ‘Reply 1988’ to continue the retro trend in Korean television, because the film depicts the unadorned beauty of the country life back in the early 90’s. The posters and the trailer stir a sense of nostalgia for the authentic, touching, and innocent old days.

The characters embody the innocence and the youthful energy, too. Produced by Jupiter film company, Pure Love has received extensive news coverage even prior to its release because it stars a famous Kpop idol D.O (playing Beom Sil) and an up-and-coming actress, Kim So Hyun (playing Soo Ok).

순정_영화2EXO’s D.O. has previously starred in numerous movies and television series including It’s Okay That’s Love (2014), Cart (2014), and Brothers (2016). D.O. has been praised by professional move critics for his mature acting abilities in the various roles he has assumed in the past. Since Pure Love (2016) is the first time he is playing the main character, fans are excited for the big screen.

By Hajin Lily Yi