KAF LA Lock In on Registering Korean-American Voters


The Korean American Federation of Los Angeles (KAF LA) is seeking volunteers to assist with registering eligible voters. With the city of L.A.’s primary election on May 16 followed by the Congressional District special election on June 6, the KAF LA is emphasizing the need for the Korean community develop a stronger political voice.

The KAF LA added that it is currently looking to fill five volunteer positions to handle inquiries from potential voters, as these have increased in recent weeks. The volunteers will provide assistance for Korean-American voters for about a month from June 12. The volunteers will also take care of the voters’ online registration process.

“The fastest way to raise the political voice of the Korean-American community is to have more people vote,” said KAF LA director Jeff Lee. “To strengthen our efforts to help more Korean-Americans to vote, we’re seeking more paid volunteers.”

The KAF LA has decided to visit businesses in Koreatown to look for more potential voters. The volunteers will be paid above the minimum wage. Anyone can apply for the position until May 12.

Meanwhile, mail-in ballots for both upcoming elections are already being accepted. The deadline to register for the 34 Congressional District special election is May 22, while the application for mail-in ballots will be accepted until May 30.
▶KAF LA: (323)732-0700

By Hyoungjae Kim