Hope Society Hosts “Hope Forum” at LA Korean Baptist Church

The third Hope Forum will be held at L.A. Korean Baptist Church on July 15. Hope Society’s event organizer Kyoung-cheol Choi (left) and Mi-hye Kim are preparing for the forum.
“Preparation is not only for you. It’s a process your children should be a part of.”

Now in its 10th year of existence, Hope Society is hosting its third annual Hope Forum this Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Los Angeles Korean Baptist Church. The topic of the upcoming forum is “Are you Ready? From Facing Death to Embracing It.”

The gist of its message is for the participants to prepare for their deaths instead of simply letting it happen.

“In reality, there are cases in which children change what has been prepared by their parents on their own decision,” said event organizer Kyoung-cheol Choi. “It is a misunderstanding to think that elderly parents are not prepared for their deaths. That is why children must learn together with their parents for the inevitable life event. The upcoming forum is for everyone and not just for certain people in specific age groups.”

Hope Society secretary general Mi-hye Kim added: “The previous two forums were held in Orange County. We’re excited to host in L.A. for the first time.”

The forum will cover how to prepare for the end of life from a medical, social and psychological standpoint. The lectures will be led by experts in their respective fields.

Lawyer Young-sun Park will emcee the event, while Vincent Nguyen of Hoag Hospital will lecture on “Hospice Care’s Gift For Terminally Ill Patients.” Radiation therapist Monica Ryu will lecture on “Assist Death and Death with Dignity.”

In addition, Seirra Hospice president Young-shim Park will explain the concepts behind “Treatments to Prolong Lives,” while Hope Society chief director Boon-ja Yoo will present the topic “Last Assignment of Life, the Beautiful Ending,” followed by a questionnaire.

Moreover, businesses related to the event will set up the booths at the forum. One of those businesses will be Chiron Total, which will hold a raffle to choose one attendee to award free diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which commonly costs about $2,000. Hope Society will also provide free lunch and additional gifts.

Meanwhile, Hope Society is also holding an education session on preparing for death in an effort to establish a separate entity to support the cause. The registration, open between July 13 and July 15, is $250. Community group leaders, church members and senior hospital employees are eligible for the program.

▶ Venue address: 975 S. Berendo St., LA ▶ Inquiry:(562)977-4580, www.somangsociety.org

By Byung Chang