High-End K-Town Apartments Treating Tenants Poorly


Criticism is pouring in on many newly-built, high-end apartments in Los Angeles Koreatown. Some tenants at these apartments cite negligence and lack of communication from management over issues with their apartments.

K2LA Apartment on Seventh and Berendo is one of the newer apartments in the neighborhood that triggered the trend of luxury residential properties in the area. With a pricey monthly rent of around $2,000, it is expected that the apartment will provide high quality accommodation for its tenants.

However, some new tenants at the apartment have repeatedly said that the management has been neglecting their responsibility.

“Some weird bugs started creeping into my house, but I had no way to contact the apartment manager,” said A (pseudonym), a 20-year-old woman. “When I called the security or even the lease office, they just took my phone number. The manager finally came days after I made the initial contact. He said that everything is my fault and that I should take care of it on my own.”

A then spent $150 out of her own pocket to remove the bugs. She asked for compensation from the management, but heard nothing back in return.

B, another tenant at the same apartment, is also under a lot of stress due to the management’s negligence.

“I contacted the management because someone else has been parking in my parking spot for almost a week,” he said. “I was told to call the towing company. I’ve reported it many times already, but nothing has been solved.”

The Korea Daily reached out to K2LA apartment, but received no response.

Meanwhile, the Korean-American Coalition said that the apartment management has the responsibility to look after the new tenants. The tenants whose inquiries and issues regarding vermin were ignored or neglected by the management can report the apartment to the city by law.
By Hyoungjae Kim