Heize’s ‘Star’ Shoots to the Top of the Charts

In courtesy of CJ E&M
In courtesy of CJ E&M

Singer Heize’s latest single “Star” swept the major music charts including Melon, Genie, Bugs and Naver Music, upon its release on Monday.

The R&B singer-songwriter’s successful chart performance with her newest song is the latest in a string of strong music releases by her this year. She released “Don’t Come Back,” featuring idol rapper Yong Jun-hyung of boy band Beast and “And July” featuring the singer Dean earlier this year.

Regarding her latest song, the singer wrote on Instagram that “The night sky is a metaphor for all those who you have to say farewell to. Whether that be your family, friends, significant other, or your old cat, it relates to all past memories.”

The song was hinted at during the singer’s guest appearance on MBC variety show “I Live Alone” which aired in August, which showed the song in the early stages of production. The singer said she wrote the song based on personal experiences.

Meanwhile, the song was performed live by the singer for the first time at a live special on Mnet called Mnet Present on Sunday, while also answering viewer questions.

Watch the music video for Heize’s recent release, “Star” below!



By Chung Jin-hong