Having More Than One Passion Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction


Contrary to the common belief that having one hobby that you have a flaming passion for would be more satisfying than having smattering knowledge and minimal passion for multiple activities, recent research showed that many is better than one.2

The research team at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada mined the difference between having one hobby versus having two. The team sampled 1218 college students constituting of 787 females and 340 males.

During research, it was discovered that the subjects were unaware of what they were passionate about, and the students showed a tendency of defining passion as “something they spend the most time doing.” The subjects were asked if their passions were harmonious with their everyday environment or perhaps obsessive due to pressure. They were also asked to evaluate their lives — their satisfaction level and emotional stability.

Harmonious passion is passion that is controllable, has an intristic motivation, and in balance with the environment. It completely differs from obsessive passion which is an uncontrollable sense of engagement that is derived from intra and interpersonal pressures.

The result showed that having harmonious passion pointed to a higher level of life satisfaction. Furthermore, students who had multiple harmonious passion expressed a more positive attitude.

Having plentiful leisure time may be a possible factor leading to the development of more hobbies; thus, the correlation cannot be precisely measured. However, if we assume that the time commitment for practicing one hobby or two are equal, then students who had two hobbies had a more positive outcome.

That is, the more harmonious passion you have, the more satisfying life will be. Doing something you love with an immeasurable passion gives you the thrills of self-worth. Life will have more meaning if you acquire more passion, and the hobbies will serve as an oasis for the dreary daily routine.


Original document availble from http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=3976066 Translated by Sooahn Ko