Gift ideas for Foodies in Los Angeles


Coming up with the perfect gift idea for your loved ones is not always as fun and easy as you wish. Especially when you’re thinking about some edible gifts for your foodie friends, your journey to satisfy these connoisseurs won’t be smooth. Here are edible gift suggestions that will blow some fair winds.

923885_1403497283221935_1127783291_n1. Macarons from Bouchon Bakery
Bouchon bakery is a high-end French dessert and pastry shop located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Among a full range of French dessert items found at Bouchon bakery, fine crafted macarons will make a perfect gift. Salted caramel and earl grey are the stars among various flavor choices, but all other flavors are also delightful and almondy in your mouth. If your foodie friend is a fan of these little French dessert, they also have extra large sized ones!
235 N Canon Dr, CA 90210

12725050_1675554752707652_112092630_n2. Nuage cakes from Bo Nuage
If macaron has been a steady star of French dessert, Nuage cake, also known as a cloud cake, is a new rising star in the wide world of dessert options in Los Angeles. Named for their fluffy texture, these treats combine the crispness of a fresh Meringue with the light sweetness of whipped cream in a variety of handcrafted and delicious flavors. Delicacy in two delightful bites of a Nuage cake is just the right to satisfy a dessert connoisseur.
8010 Melrose Ave, CA 90046

11378670_826318384090320_111649848_n3. Candies from Sugarfina
Sugarfina is heaven for sweet-teeth. Entering this chic candy boutique, you will be able to witness how grown-up candy lovers’ dreams have come true here. Traveling around the world for two years, owners of Sugarfina taste-tested thousands of candies to find the best to be put on the shelves, which is filled with unique, gourmet sweets. Sugarfina’s high-end imported sweets range from chocolate and caramel to gummies, all in little giftable boxes.
9495 S Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90210

12783367_232399267110915_1301720118_n4. Mini Layer Cakes from Cake Monkey
Cake Monkey, a longtime loved wholesale bakery, has nestled in North Hollywood to serve American treats that range from rolled cake to pop tart pies made with their twist. Cake Monkey’s showcase of sweets and pastries are mouthwatering, but what really catches gift-hunters’ eyes are individual sized cakes. Cake Money has every imaginable varieties of cake flavors, including Black&white, Pecan Dacquoise, and Chocolate caramel, all in a cute 3” size!
7807 Beverly Blvd, CA 90036


5. Desserts from Bottega Louie
At Bottega Louie, located in Downtown L.A., you can find various giftable desserts including beautifully packaged macarons and chocolates, as well as small yet delightful cakes. 4″ raspberry-sandwiched macaron, Saint Honore and other desserts taste as beautiful as they look (my rec is Dacquoise, which is light and puffy, melts in your mouth like cloud). If you are looking for boxed, ribbon-tied gifts, Bottega Louie has gift sets varying in size and kind.
700 S Grand Ave, CA 90017

12677506_1072797256111336_1037371518_n6. Strawberry Mochi from JJ Squared Bakery
If you or your foodie friend is a fan of Asian desserts, mochi – a Japanese rice cake made of sweet rice – is the perfect choice to go for. At JJ Squared, mochi is re-created as a perfect dessert choice for all. In a thin, soft, and semi-chewy layer of mochi, fluffy cake, refreshing and sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries (or other seasonal fruit depending on your choice) are delicately wrapped. Get a box of four mochis to make a gift!
3183 Wilshire Blvd #185, CA 90005

By Heewon Kim