Furniture Company Hanssem’s Female Employee Sexually Assaulted and Harassed by Male Employees


Famous furniture company Hanssem’s female employee was sexually assaulted, harassed, and also shot by a hidden camera in the bathroom by male employees.

The victim, who was new to the company, wrote publicly about the incidents on a website.

According to the police and Hanssem, the female employee, 24, was raped by her supervisor in January after a team dinner. Prior to this incident, she also experienced being secretly filmed by a phone camera from another male colleague.

The problem is that it didn’t stop there. After the victim reported these incidents to the HR team, the HR manager forced her to make a false statement and tried to sexually harass her.

She wrote, “as soon as the HR team intervened, they made a guideline for me that I can use to make a false statement. They wanted me to write that I didn’t want any punishment for the offender although I was forcibly raped by him.”

According to her, even the HR manager attempted a sexual harassment while they were having a discussion about the incidents. However, because she resisted, the HR team disciplined her with ‘demoralizing behavior’ and reduced her salary. Later, the manager admitted his actions and was eventually fired.

The victim had a leave of absence for two months, and returned to work on the 2nd. However, she publicly posted the writing because she was still feeling anxious about going back to work.

Some online community users are arguing that they need to start a boycott campaign and not buy any more products from the company.


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Translated by Audrey Joung