Family Saver Center Launches a 4-Week “Fatherhood” Training Course


Schools across Orange County are organizing a summer event for fathers and their children to develop closer relationships during the school break.

To celebrate the National Family Month of May, Anaheim-based Family Saver Center will offer a four-week course, “Fatherhood,” starting on every Monday from July 2, 7:30 p.m. for two hours.

Sponsored by Open Bank, the event will also provide training for children to raise the Emotional Quotient by helping to develop a stronger intimacy between them and their fathers.

The participants at the event, including the fathers, will work towards powering up the children’s EQ, commonly known as emotional intelligence, through various programs.

Main topics at the course will include ▶Understanding children’s behaviors depending on their personalities ▶How to strike a better relationship with children ▶Proper conversation with the children ▶How to raise children’s sense of responsibility ▶Father’s role for his son.

“It’s not easy for fathers to realize their desire of being a better parent as life gets in the way too often,” said Family Saver Center director Chung-keun Lee.

“It’s common to see relationships between parents and children become awkward as the children get older, but these days, that have been getting even worse because of smartphones. Our plan is to offer programs and training to parents depending on the ages of the children to raise their level of self-esteem, sociability, brain and linguistic capacity more efficiently.”

Lee added: “Dads have be happy for the children to be happy. This will be a good opportunity for Korean fathers to become respected parents, those whom their children can be proud of.”

Registration fee is $30 including course materials. The application deadline is July 3. Additional information is available on Those interested can also call 714-484-0033.

By Nakhee Park