Dunkin’ Donuts Korea Revives Pac-Man and the Ghosts



Even among the generation born after the era of arcade games there is no one who doesn’t know what Pac-Man is. Pac-Man, which is considered as an icon of 1980s popular culture, is a game still played nowadays.

While Krispy Kreme Korea is making donuts in collaboration with the 1996 animation Pokemon, Dunkin’ Donuts Korea made a decision to go back one decade further to revive the characters in Pac-Man.

IMAGE in courtesy of Dunkin Donuts Korea Official Blog
IMAGE in courtesy of Dunkin Donuts Korea Official Blog

These Pac-Man donuts come in three variations – Pac-Man, Pinky Ghost, and Inky Ghost. The Pac-Man donut, which is decorated with yellow chocolate on the top, is filled with apple compote. The Pinky Ghost and Inky Ghost donuts are filled with strawberry and blueberry fillings respectively.

Thousands of posts of these Instagrammable donuts are uploaded on social media and the Pac-Man topped to-go cup, which was released along with the donuts, is going viral as well. The Pac-Man on the lid is not only decorative, but also handy if you want to cover the hole when you’re not drinking the beverage.

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By Heewon Kim