Drone Cameras Catching Women in Korea off Guard


While the South Korean Government is taking a bold step to deal with sexual crimes using hidden cameras, increasing number of people are reporting cases using drones to secretly film women off guard.

On July 25, a Twitter user posted a picture of a handwritten letter which was allegedly posted on her apartment elevator. Under the warning saying, “Beware of Drone Hidden Camera Criminal,” the letter claims that the writer was caught off guard by a drone camera, which was filming her right in front of her unit’s window.


Another victim reported that a drone was filming above the unroofed shower booth by a beach in Jeju.

South Korea has been suffering from hidden camera crimes in various forms. As the production of pornography is illegal in the county, videos filmed with hidden cameras, which range from those filmed in public restrooms to revenge porns filmed or/and distributed without consent, take a big chunk of the country’s pornography market.

There are a significant number of voyeuristic videos filmed with drone cameras on the Internet and the number of victims is also increasing.

The Police emphasize that those who take or distribute images using a hidden camera is subject to up to a 5-year prison sentence or a fine of up to 10 million KRW.


By Heewon Kim