DONJOB Starts Service to Help Koreans Abroad Find Jobs in Motherland


DONJOB Scout’s missions are clear. Its first goal is to help talented Korean commodities away from the motherland to contribute to the globalization of various sectors in South Korea.

Secondly, DONJOB Scout aims to educate Koreans abroad about the outstanding ideas that are available at South Korea’s various companies to help them fully utilize their skillsets.

Also, DONJOB believes that attracting Koreans abroad to work in their motherland will eventually help Korean businesses to expand to the international market. Lastly, it wants to bridge the gap between the Koreans abroad and native Koreans, so that they can collaborate for the greater benefit for everyone.

The idea to launch DONJOB Scout was first pitched by the Korea Information Society Development Institute, a subset of South Korea’s government-funded Ministry of Science and Future Planning. The DONJOB Scout website is the result of the organized effort by the South Korean government to attract ethnic Koreans from all over the world.

DONJOB Scout plans to post various employment advertisements for various businesses in South Korea. Those interested can submit their applications directly on the website and possibly book interviews and further details on the application process. The service also includes assistance on potential employees in South Korea applying for work visas. More information is available on

By Byong Il Kim