Coffee Shops in Koreatown Add Specialties to Survive Competition


Newly opened coffee shops in Los Angeles Koreatown are drawing attention for their unique menu items. Ranging from Flower Latte to Cookie Cone Ice Cream, trendy specialties attract customers who seek something new.

At Bia Coffee located on 6th St., customers can find what is possibly the most beautiful coffee ever. Their signature “Bia Coffee” uses store-made flower syrups and is topped with colorful sugars and flowers. Thanks to the unprecedented combination of coffee and flowers, Bia is always crowded with long lines of customers, despite having only opened a few weeks ago.

Creme, which is located few blocks from Bia, is another good example. Along with classic coffee drinks, Creme sells soft-serves in cookie cones, which taste nothing like ordinary ice cream cones. The soft, buttery texture of Creme’s cookie cone draws lines of customers like those of Bia.

Since Koreatown is already saturated with both franchise and individual coffee shops, newly opened businesses need to differentiate themselves from others. Such efforts seem to appeal to various customers that are not limited to Koreatown residents.


Original article by Jung Hyun-wook
Translated by Heewon Kim