CJ America to Revamp Corporate Culture

Flexible work schedule, creative vacation policy and condensed work hours are a few of the ways CJ America will seek ways to change its corporate culture.

“We are going to aim to make our company a good place to work by increasing the satisfaction of our employees,” said a CJ America official. “This is also a part of the movement initiated at our headquarters in Korea.”

For employees who have worked at CJ America for at least five years, benefits will include two to four-week vacations, option to choose work hours, one to two-week vacation for paternity leave and the implementation of the Global Insight Program to help employees better understand cultures of foreign countries. After taking employee feedback into consideration, the dress code will now accommodate casual jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers.

In addition to traditional vacations, employees will also be given an option to take extra time off to take care of their family. Also, various programs to offer workout and yoga classes will be available.

CJ America will also implement nine-hour work days, proverbially known as the “condensed work hours” policy. The company has plans to expand the policy to branches in other locations.

CJ America also plans on encouraging club activities within the company. Bonus payments will also be provided. A “family day” will be created to invite families of the employees to CJ-owned CGV movie theaters and restaurants.

By Brian Choi