Board Game Club ‘Adventurers on the Table’ Prepares Youth Workshop


Board games are becoming increasingly popular among Korean-Americans in Los Angeles. Under the name “Adventurers on the Table,” the club is now in its third year of existence.

Adventurers on the Table do not often play “simple” board games, such as Monopoly. It is rare to see them ever rolling a dice during their games. Their games are based on pure strategy.

“You may think that the bar is too high when you try to join our club without much experience in playing board games,” said Adventurers on the Table member Beom-jeong Jeon. “Once you get the hang of it, spending four to five hours in one sitting to play a game becomes common.”

Jeon added that board games also contribute to your ability to focus.
The club’s members all agree that once a player gets used to playing board games, computer games are no longer as attractive.

“I almost never play computer games after starting board games,” said another member In-soo Kim. “The real attraction of a board game, which enables you to interact with new people, is only something its own players can feel.”

Another club member Yoo-geon Lee added: “I know that a lot of the techies in the Silicon Valley also play board games. It’s a game that teaches strategy and common sense.”

Recently, the club partnered with the Korea Daily to hold a seminar. The mission of the seminar is to transmit the attraction of board games to the Korean youth. The motivation behind their efforts is to expand the reach of board games and to contribute to the community.

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By Wonhee Cho