Another Redevelopment Plan to Boost LA Koreatown


The construction plans for high-rise buildings are set to change the skyline of Los Angeles Koreatown, prompting the gentrification in the area that covers the corner of Sixth Street and Vermont Avenue.

L.A. County government unveiled its plans to redevelop the area on Vermont Avenue between Fourth and Sixth Streets (631 S. Vermont Ave.). The area is becoming one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city as it is widely known as the hub of all L.A. neighborhoods due to its accessibility to a wide range of public transportations.

A 34-story building, set to serve as both luxury hotel and apartment, is set to be erected in the 0.8-acre site on Vermont. The apartment will reportedly have 250 separate units, according to designated architecture firm MVE & Partners, Inc.

The property will also include a skin armature, a design that will protect the building from UV rays as well as a swimming deck, rooftop and restaurant services.

Also included in the redevelopment plans is the site on Vermont Avenue that is currently occupied by Denny’s (635 S. Vermont Ave.) and Orion Motors, which will be rebuilt by Dallas-based Trammel Crow. The total cost of the entire redevelopment is estimated at around $453 million.

More than half of the total cost ($270 million) is set to be invested on constructing a 20-story office building in a 1.6-acre site. The building, to be designed by architecture firm Gensler, will be used primarily as the office for L.A. County’s Department of Mental Health, although the first floor will be available to retail businesses.

The current building at 550 S. Vermont Ave. will also be replaced by a residential 12-story tower, while the L.A. County Parks & Recreation offices will also make ways for a 54-unit apartment building.

By Sung Cheol Jin