5 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Discover Hidden Gems of Korean Music


Those who have entered the world of Korean music through K-pop are surprised how the variety of Korean music is way too broad to be defined by K-pop. Ranging from recently rising Hip-Hop to R&B and Soul, Korean music embraces more genres than what is expressed through K-pop’s upbeat sound.

As much as it is broad, however, it is also easy to get lost on your way to find your kind of tune. Especially if you’re approaching underground genres as a non-Korean listener, the chance is high that you end up touching only the surfaces of them.

So if you want to take your exploration of Korean music one step further, how about using following YouTube channels as your guide?


Seoul Vibes

“Seoul Vibes curates and interprets the finest work of Korean Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Drum & Bass, and more. Our company strives to shine a spotlight on art that bring the audience rhythmic and artistic joy and deep bliss. We are inspired by many under-rated, young artists in Korea, as well as locally, which is the reason why we promote them here.”

LISTEN by MYSTIC Entertainment

“LISTEN is the music platform of MYSTIC Entertainment. Starting with ‘Rainbow Bird’ by Hareem, it plans to frequently release digital songs whenever good music is ready. The goal of LISTEN project is to archive high quality songs through this platform LISTEN, and ultimately make listeners to find and enjoy songs which are included in LISTEN by themselves.”

Mirrorball Music

“As the largest Indie music provider, Mirrorball Music strives to let people know high quality songs by providing various genres not limited to Indie, but ranging from Pop, Movie Soundtrack, Jazz to New Age.”

Danielions Music


“Danielion Music uploads Korean Indie and Hip-hop/R&B tracks that deserve more love.”


“UNDRGRND SEOUL spotlights quality underground Korean Hip-hop. R&B, Soul, and Electronics.”


By Heewon Kim