5 Best Hangover Remedies from around the World


Whether it’s a headache, a stomachache, or other annoying symptoms, having a hangover is never fun especially when you compare it to the fun you had the night before. To get over hangovers and move onto daily routines, people do different things, primarily eating foods that are known to help cure symptoms. Here are some of widely known hangover remedies from all around the world.

bm1. Bloody Mary
Curing hangover with more drinks sound irrational. However, it’s a popular folk remedy in other places in the world. People find Bloody Mary especially effective, partially due to lycopene in tomato acting as a antioxidant.

2. Clam soup
A bowl of soup made with clams is a popular hangover remedy in Italia and Japan. In Italia, clam soup is made with clams, tomatoes, and onions, while clams and some extra green onion are pretty much the only ingredients for Japanese version. Taurine, which is ample in clams, is known to supplement energy.

3. Pickle Juice
Juice left in the jar of homemade pickles is loved in Russia and Denmark as a home remedy for hangover. Rasoj – or Kraut juice – which is a juice made with cabbage and cucumber with some salt, is another widely known remedy for hangover.

Umeboshi4. Pickled Plum
Umeboshi is pickled plum widely eaten in Japan. Vitamin C in Umeboshi is known to promote dissolution of alcohol.

5. Traditional Tea
In China, people drink tea as a substitute for water. This special tea, however, has been Chinese people’s favorite hangover cure. Xing Jiu Tea is filled with herbs like ginseng, kudzu roots, and four other ingredients. Green teas with lemon juice or vinegar are other popular hangover tea.


Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=22&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.livingnstyle&art_id=3284379
Translated by Heewon Kim