30% of K-Town Car Accidents Occurs in Market Parking Lots


A majority of car accidents in Koreatown Los Angeles tend to occur in parking lots of Korean markets, according to a recently released study.

Chuna-ha Insurance reported on Jan. 25 that approximately 30 percent of car accidents within Koreatown have taken place in parking lots of Korean-owned markets, the company’s executive vice president Joe Im explained.

“Most of the accidents in parking lots obviously happen when drivers back out of their spots,” Im added.

The report also mentioned that making a swift turn onto the street, failing to keep sufficient space from the car in front and ignoring traffic signals are some of the other causes of accidents across the neighborhood.

“Car accidents are more common in Koreatown since the area is condense and drivers are often negligent,” Im said. “Being more alert when driving could even reduce the number of accidents by half.”

It has also been explained that drivers in Koreatown become more vulnerable to accidents during rush hour and nighttime, according to Wilshire Jay Park Insurance.

“Accidents during rush hour keeps growing in numbers as drivers are falling asleep,” Wilshire Jay Park Insurance president Sang-jun Park. “Young people in the community are more susceptible to violating traffic laws, while immigrants also tend to get into more accidents within the first three years after getting their driver’s license.

Meanwhile, the value of the preferred cars by Korean drivers has risen by around $10,000. Koreans have shown tendency to prefer luxury vehicles, notably BMW, Benz and Lexus, all of which usually require higher insurance costs after an accident or two.

“Many Koreans are either purchasing or leasing cars that cost around $30,000 to $40,000,” Im said. “Insurance costs for those cars obviously rise higher even after a light accident and repair fee could cost up to $5,000.”

By Hyoung Jae Kim