Ryu Hyun-jin Comes Back in LA and Says He’s Pain-Free Now



Ryu Hyun-jin (29·LA Dodgers), who has been focusing on rehabilitation, came back to Los Angeles on the 25th. Ryu took a season-off break for two years because of shoulder injury.

Here are some interview questions we’ve had at the Incheon International Airport.

-How did you train during the winter?

“I have trained my body to be able to pitch. I think it’s another start for me that’s almost like when I first went to America 4 years ago.”

-How’s your body condition now?

“It’s 100%. It’s even better than how it was in other years. I perfectly did enough bullpen pitching at the mound. And I have no problem at my shoulders and elbows.”

-Has Hwang Jae-gyun, who has signed with SF Giants, said anything to you?

“He hasn’t really told me anything special because he did a great job in the K-league. He will also do a great job in America because he’s as strong as Kang Jung-ho.”

-Many fans are curious about your comeback and spring camp.

“It is important to show the first time on the first day without any problem. And I am ready for that with my physical conditions, and I will get ready even more to make up the things that I missed during the past two years. This year is pretty similar to 2013 when I went to MLB. I will compete like that time.”

-What’s your resolution for this season?

“It is most important for me to not get injured and take possession of starting position. Also, my goal is to keep rotations after entering into the field and avoid injury. I am planning to go to Arizona at the end of this month.”


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Translated by Audrey Joung