People eat more sweets in messier environment


1024px-Chocolate_Chip_Cookies_-_kimberlykvA study found that unorganized environment and negative thoughts make people consume sweets more.

Research was conducted by Cornell and University of New South Wales. Research team placed cookies, carrots, crackers, etc., in two separate kitchens – clean and messy – and let 100 subjects enter each kitchen one by one and eat as they want.

On average, subjects in the messy kitchen consumed 103 kcal, whereas subjects in the clean kitchen consumed 53kcal. Interestingly, where was not much difference in the consumption of non-sweet food.

Another factor affected the result was psychological state of the subject. Research team divided the subjects into two groups and asked them to write about either “memories of hard times” or “memories of good times.” This research found that people who had wrote about happy memories consumed 38kcal of cookies on average.

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Translated by Heewon Kim