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Naver joins global AI race with expanded range of services

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Naver unveiled its line of artificial intelligence services for the rest of the year on Friday. [NAVER]
Naver unveiled its line of artificial intelligence services for the rest of the year on Friday. [NAVER]

Naver will unveil its hyperscale artificial intelligence (AI) service HyperClova X next month alongside a line of further affiliated services within this year, joining a global race for AI dominance.

HyperClova X, which will debut on Aug. 24, is an upgraded version of HyperClova, which the Korean tech company unveiled two years ago.

Naver will also release the beta version of its own chatbot service Clova X. The chatbot’s capacity will go beyond that of simply answering questions to be used as a tool for creative writing. The chatbot will also be linked with Naver’s services, which means it can instantly bring together Naver’s related services when prompted.

The beta service of another generative AI, Cue:, will be released in September. Cue: is a search-specific model that is able to comprehend user’s search intentions and provide tailored answers for them.

HyperClova X will also be utilized as a creative tool for creators and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The beta version of the Clova for Writing service, which is the integration of HyperClova X into Naver’s writing tool SmartEditor, will be released in September. The beta version will help recommend appropriate writing topics, and write and edit what bloggers wrote.

In the business-to-business (B2B) sector, Clova Studio with HyperClova X will be released in October, in which companies can integrate HyperClova with their own data to create tailored generative AI tools fit for their in-house systems.

Hybrid cloud service dubbed Neurocloud for HyperClova X, will be released the same month. Server infrastructure from the service will be installed within the clients’ data center and is said to offer upgraded security and technology solutions based on the hyperscale AI.

“Naver not only possesses the technology for large-scale AI but has the capability to create value by putting them to use in actual services,” said Naver Cloud’s hyperscale AI technical lead Sung Nako. “We plan to expand the AI ecosystem with our business experiences in large-scale AI over the next two years, to be shared with our partners such as our users, SMEs and other companies.”

BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]