Korean Bakery Franchise Launched a New Pastry and It Tastes Like Tteokbokki

In courtesy of Paris Baguette
In courtesy of Paris Baguette

Do you like Asian pastries? How about tteokbokki, the mouthwatering, sweet and spicy Korean dish made with chewy rice cake pieces and red pepper paste? If you are to choose only one between the two, which one is it going to be?

While I personally find it hard to answer the question, a Korean bakery franchise introduces a wise solution – a mashup of pastry and tteokbokki.

On February 17, the biggest bakery franchise in Korea, Paris Baguette, launched a new pastry and it is already going viral on social media. Popularly called Tteokbokki Pang, which means nothing more than “tteokbokki pasty,” is much unguessable contrary to its straightforward name. However, once you take a bite, you will nod your head.

Paris Baguette’s tteokbokki pasty comprises four pieces of stick-shaped pastry and a sauce. The sauce tastes sweet and spicy just like tteokbokki – you can either dip the pastry into the sauce or, to make it look more like tteokbokki, pour the sauce over the pastry. The slightly spicy pastry sticks are made with glutinous rice flour, which gives chewy texture just like rice cakes in tteokbokki.

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People who tried the product comment that they are surprised how the pastry actually tastes like tteokbokki. Due to its high demand, the product is currently sold out at most of the local Paris Baguette stores in Korea.


By Heewon Kim