KFC Serves Fried Chicken and Rice Combo

In courtesy of KFC Korea

You may heard of Chimaek, the combination of Korean-style fried chicken and beer. If you have watched the 2013 Korean drama hit My Love from the Star, the chance is high that you’re already in love the combination of juicy fried chicken and ice-cold beer. But have you heard of this new term, Chibob, as well?

Chibob is a compound word formed from Chicken, which commonly refers to any kind of fried chicken in Korea, and Bob, the Korean word for cooked rice. First became widely known through the mukbang hosted by Korean YouTube stars, Chibob is now a thing that even KFC brings on their menu.

Chibob Combo, which is available from KFC stores in Korea, includes freshly steamed rice topped with either chicken teriyaki or fried kimchi and mayo chicken and two pieces of fried chicken. Released last month, KFC’s Chibob Combo is now one of the most popular items at the franchise.

“It’s an unexpected surprise to find rice served at KFC, but what’s even more surprising is that rice and fried chicken go so well together,” commented an Instagram user.

Customers also comment that they find the deal very affordable, as the set of a rice bowl, 2-pc fried chicken, and a fountain drink is only 5,900 KRW, which is approximately $5.


By Heewon Kim