Kang Jung-Ho’s DUI in Korea May Affect His Visa Acquisition

Pirates’ Kang Jung-ho arrives at the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday, February 22

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Kang Jung-ho appeared in South Korean court on Wednesday, February 22. Prosecutors sought a fine of 15 million KRW (approximately $13,100).

At the court, Kang accepted his responsibility for the charge. “I deeply regret what I’ve done,” said Kang. “I will do my best to become an exemplary player if I can get one last change.”

Prosecutors, without a formal trial, had sought a fine of 15 million KRW against Kang and 3 million KRW against Kang’s friend who falsely testified to be the driver at the site. However, the court rejected a summary proceeding and ordered a formal trial, considering the severity of the charges.

“As the case is handed down to the formal trial, Kang is having trouble acquiring his working visa because of the false testimony,” said Kang’s lawyer, asking for favorable arrangements.

Kang Jung-ho was arrested last December 2 in Seoul after crashing into a guardrail and fleeing the scene. His blood alcohol level at the time was 0.084 percent, beyond the country’s 0.05 percent legal limit. It was the third DUI arrestment of Kang following one in August 2009 and another one in May 2011, which led to the revocation of his driver’s license.

Due to the arrestment followed by the court schedule and the player’s visa issue, Kang could not join the club’s spring training, which has started on February 18.


Original article by Hwashik Bong
Translated by Heewon Kim