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This K-Pop Artist Responds to Hate Comments in Perfect Way

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f(x) Amber [Image in courtesy of SM Entertainment]
As stage performance is a significant component comprising K-pop, fans of the genre tend to demand visual appeals from the artists. But when it comes to all-girl groups, the standard of beauty goes notoriously high.

Because of the beauty standard based on gender stereotypes, Amber of girl group f(x), who always keeps her hair short and wears pants on or off stages, had to suffer from hate comments from those who deny her choice to define the way she appears.

In her recent vlog, however, Amber responds to such hate comments in the smartest way – with humor.

In the video, which starts with a warning message reading, “Warning: Extreme Sarcasm Ahead,” Amber wanders around to “find her chest” as a reply to the comment saying, “oh my gad AMBER where ur chest.”

Throughout the video, Amber reads rude comments mentioning her “manly” appearance and shows the best ways to use sarcasm.


Previously on Twitter, Amber made her message clear by writing “a girl can be who she wants.”


By Heewon Kim

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