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Annual Space Out Competition to Be Held at Han River

Now well established as the city’s annual event, Space Out Competition is to be held on April 22 in Seoul. Seoul City announced on April...

700 Million KRW Sculpture Vandalized with ‘Wanna One’ Graffiti

South Korean Police are investigating vandalism of the outdoor sculpture by internationally renowned artist Lee Ufan. On March 26, Busan Museum of Art said, “We’ve...

Seoul’s Instagram-Worthy Desserts Are on Another Level

What quality do you value the most when it comes to dessert? Of course, its taste is the first thing to consider, but in...

Three Neighborhoods to Explore in Mapo District Besides Hongdae

Neighborhoods in Mapo-gu you can explore while avoiding oversaturated Hongdae Hongdae, which refers to the neighborhood around Hongik University, has now become one of the...

Uniquely Themed Cafes You Can Find in Korea

Cafe culture in Korea shows an interesting shape of development. On one hand, the number of people who savor the flavor and aroma of...

San Francisco Bakeries Expand to Seoul

San Francisco’s renowned bakeries are heading to Seoul, Korea. In the midst of the domination of large-scale franchise bakeries in the city, the American...

Turkish TV Show Apologizes for Reporting S. Korean President as ‘Rich Murderer’

Turkey’s popular TV show officially apologized for wrongly using South Korean president’s picture to describe a suspect of a recent murder case in Kuwait. According...

7 Unexpected Flavor Combos You Can Find in Korea

Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors Unexpected Flavors

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