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Heewon Kim

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Four Korean traditional teas to warm your body

Coldness may cause further symptoms such as chills and dyspepsia. Korean traditional teas using cinnamon, dong quai, or licorice may prevent and ease such...

Delicious Myeongdong: 15 Street Foods you can find at Myeongdong

Myeongdong, Seoul is heaven for street food lovers. From Tteokbokki to fried crab, there is every street food you can imagine. With so many...

Five Shooting Spots of 2015 Korean Films (Spoiler Alert!)

Introducing five shooting spots of Korean films released in 2015. Each place is appealing itself, but the charm will be maximized for those who...

Korean ‘Smoked Mackerel’ Ranked in NY Times Top 10 Restaurant Dishes of 2015

'Pine leaves smoked mackerel' from Oiji, a modern Korean restaurant located in East Village, Manhattan, has been ranked in NY Times Top 10 Restaurant...

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