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Audrey Joung


Memorial Day Weekend Deal: Pay Only $12 to Go Whale Watching

For those of you who don’t have a plan for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend yet, there is a great special event you can...

New Kdrama ‘Lucky Romance’ Set to Air Tomorrow

New Korean drama ‘Lucky Romance’, featuring Hwang Jung-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol, is to air its first episode tomorrow (25th). The new drama of MBC is...

‘Podshare’ Makes Room Sharing Easy for Travelers

If Airbnb is a service that mainly provides shared accommodations, there is a new service called ‘Podshare’, which you can use to share a...

Korean Restaurants Directly Target Chinese Community Now

  Caffe Concerto in Arcadia's Westfield mall   All That Barbeque located in Arcadia LA Koreatown’s local restaurants are now entering into Chinatown. After gaining popularities from Chinese...

16 Year Old Boy Develops Eco-Friendly ‘Shampoo Ball’

As summer is almost here, many people are waiting for vacation. Although the idea of vacation is great, the packing that will follow is...

Herb & Garlic over Fruit Dressings – The Dangers of Sugar

As many of us know, sugar is known to be the most common cause of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. However, it would...

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