Yoon Doo-joon’s Historic First Ever Solo Unveiled


Beast at 2106 Beautiful Show [PHOTO by Cube Entertainment]
Beast at 2106 Beautiful Show [PHOTO by Cube Entertainment]

It’s hard to deny that Yoon Doo-joon is such a multi-talented person. As a member of K-pop boy group, Beast, Doo-joon also has built his career as an actor starring in popular K-Dramas like Let’s Eat and Splash Splash Love. His innate humor and soccer skills make him an ace in various variety shows as well.


While fans were wondering why he doesn’t release a solo number for the eight years since the debut despite his exceptional singing ability, Doo-joon finally sang a solo on the stage of 2016 Beautiful Show on August 20.

Written by fellow Beast member, Yong Joon-hyung, ‘Where Are U Now‘ is a slow acoustic song that highlights Doo-joon’s sweet voice. When the song was over, Doo-joon jokingly said, “you are now witnessing the historic first solo stage of Yoon Doo-joon.”

“It’s not the best thing to say as a singer, but I didn’t have much desire to sing a solo,” he added, “because I was so satisfied as a group member.”

“But after eight years as a member of Beast, I was ashamed about not having a solo number. Not because I wanted [to sing a solo], but because so many people wanted to listen to this. So I asked Yong Joon-hyung if he can write one for me and thankfully, he was so willing that he wrote mine before his.”

Although the official recording is yet to be released, here is a jik-cam from the concert.


Original article written by Park Hyun-min
Translated by Heewon Kim