Yoo Seung-jun Loses Lawsuit Against Visa to Enter Korea




Yoo Seung-jun, who is restricted to enter Korea because of an allegation of draft-dodging, lost a lawsuit against getting rejected from visa issuance. Although he lost the suit, it seems that he will keep making pleas against the suit.

On the 29th, Yoo announced his opinions through his lawyers, “I really feel bad about today’s decision of the court. I admit that the wrong decision I made in the past has ultimately brought me here, but I think it is really cruel and unfair that I can’t enter the country for 14 years where I was born in and grew up until middle school. After discussing with my family, I will decide on what I will do about making appeals.”

Yoo filed a lawsuit through a law firm in Korea back in September last year after he was refused for a visa issuance. Since last March, he has had four trials, and after about a year he ultimately lost the case.

The court has made such decision because it seemed that Yoo Seung-jun acquired American citizenship right before the orientation date for entering the army. So because it seems that his actions were to avoid his military duty, they rejected his suit for visa.

In many programs in the past, Yoo Seung-jun announced that he would go to the army, but in January, 2002, he earned American citizenship and gave up Korean citizenship, therefore was exempted from military duty. As a result, many criticized him for refusing to fulfill his duty as Korean, the Department of Justice restricted his entry to Korea.


Original article available at http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4640307
Translated by Audrey Joung