Yoo Jae-suk Continues to Share Love Through Donations

In courtesy of OSEN
In courtesy of OSEN

Yoo Jae-suk once again became Santa Claus for those in need. Following his recent donation for the fire victims in Daegu, it’s been revealed that he had made another secret donation.

According to Babsang Community Welfare Foundation, Yoo Jae-suk donated 50 million KRW (approximately $42,912) worth of coal briquettes on December 12. Since 2013, he has donated 180 million KRW worth of coal briquettes in total through the organization.

The popular entertainer has donated multiple times this year already, including 50 million KRW for the Japanese military prostitution victims in August, 50 million KRW for Typhoon victims in October, and another 50 million KRW for the fire victims in Daegu Seomun market.

What is more meaningful than the amount of money he’s donated is his constant beneficence. Even though he continuously donates large amounts, he never intends to publicize his good deeds.

Thanks to the warmth Yoo Jae-suk shares, people living the coldest season can worry less about the cold wave.


Original article by Kim Sung-hyun
Translated by Heewon Kim