Yoo Ah-in Unveils the New Project of Studio Concrete

In courtesy of Studio Concrete
In courtesy of Studio Concrete

Actor Yoo Ah-in continues to expand his boundaries to area beyond acting.

On Tuesday, December 13, Studio Concrete announced that the prologue of their latest project, CCRT: AEROSPACE will be unveiled at twelve at night through Naver TV Cast.

Studio Concrete is a creative collective started by Yoo Ah-in and a group of talented artists around him who pursue a wide range of creative outlets. CCRT: AEROSPACE is a project from the collective in which artists from various fields collaborate.

Yoo Ah-in planed and acted in the project, using fragile tag to express Earth on crisis.

Episodes of CCRT:AEROSPACE will be released firstly through Naver TV Cast, available from 0 am on December 14 through 12 pm the following day. After that the project will become available on the official website for Studio Concrete, YouTube, and Vimeo.


Original article by Sung Ji-yeon
Translated by Heewon Kim

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