Yeo Jin-goo Will Be Back With New Drama And Movie This Summer


Yeo Jin-goo, one of the leading actors of ‘Moon Embracing The Sun,’ will be back this summer with a whole new drama and movie.

He will appear in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Circle’ that is set to air this May, which is a year after his last drama ‘Daebak.’ He will act as the leading character Woo-jin Kim, who is after a mysterious case involving an alien, in Part 1 of ‘Circle.’

‘Circle’ is a sci-fi mystery drama that is set in both 2017 and 2037. The present and future will run at the same time during the story, so it won’t be about time slips but about how the two times co-exist. The present and future will definitely be different but the connection between the two will be the interesting factor that drives the story on.

People are especially excited about this drama because Young-hyun Kim and Sang-yeon Park, who wrote the screenplays for ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ and ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ participated in making this new drama. Yeo Jin-goo was supposed to play Jang Hyuk’s childhood in ‘Deep Rooted Tree,’ but due to Yeo’s rapid growth he only came out once as a special guest.

But now he became the lead role in ‘Circle.’ His acting skills have already been proven to be the best, especially through ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ He got the nickname “Jin-goo oppa” through this drama because he was capable of winning over every girl’s hearts with his acting despite his young age. He then proved to be capable of taking a lead role through ‘Daebak,’ so people are already looking forward to ‘Circle.’

Yeo Jin-goo will come back with a new movie as well this June. He will appear alongside actor Lee Jung-jae as “King Gwanghae” in the movie ‘Opposition Force,’ which is about how young Gwanghae has to lead a war because his father fled.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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