VIXX’s N Won’t Be Appearing in Upcoming OCN Drama Tunnel



VIXX’s N withdrew from the new upcoming OCN drama ‘Tunnel’ due to schedule conflicts.

OCN officials stated, “N was originally planned to appear in ‘Tunnel’ but he couldn’t fit it into his schedule so the plan fell apart.” N’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, also mentioned that N couldn’t join the cast due to schedule problems.

‘Tunnel’ is a crime investigation drama about a man who time slips back to 2016 and uses the connection between the past and present to find a serial killer back in the 80s.

N had joined the cast as the mysterious police officer Gwang-ho Park who knows the secret behind the 30 year time slip, but at the end withdrew from the cast.

‘Tunnel’ is set to air in March after ‘Voice,’ with actors Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min, Kang Ki-young, and Lee Yoo-young as the main cast.

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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