Variety Show Sister’s Slam Dunk Announces Revamp of Cast



Season two of KBS2 variety show Sister’s Slam Dunk will have a revamped cast, with only comedians Kim Sook and Hong Jin-kyung returning from the first season.

Amid ongoing rumors regarding the cast members for the upcoming season of the popular variety show, the network confirmed on Friday the return of the two stars.

Meanwhile, the show’s producers are reportedly in talks with former 2NE1 member Minzy and actress Kang Ye-won for the new cast.

The show’s concept of making a cast member’s dream come true became a hit among viewers last year. The girl group project initiated by actress Min Hyo-rin in particular spawned the chart-topping single “Shut Up,” which was produced by J.Y Park.

The temporary girl group Unnies, in addition to the three stars also featured Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, rapper Jessi, and actress Ra Mi-ran. The full cast reunited for a final live performance on the song at the recent KBS Entertainment Awards. The show’s producers said the next season will follow a similar girl group formula.

The new season is expected to air sometime next month.


By Chung Jin-hong

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