‘UnprettyRapstar’ Jessi Lit Up the LA Night


Those familiar with the television show “UnprettyRapstar” know Jessi, the first season runner-up who filled the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on October 16.

After opener Mighty Mouse, performing for the first time since group member Sang-Choo was dismissed from his military service,Jessi came onstage as a clip from “UnprettyRapstar” played. After the video, Jessi introduced herself in English, saying it was her first time visiting Los Angeles and that she was very happy to meet the audience.

Jessi was acting quite affectionate with her fans, whose hands she shook as she introduced herself and talked to guests. She took pictures with Jeong Yong-hwa, lead singer of the Korean band CNBlue, and Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin.

Jessi sang five songs and a medley of another other five songs, never ceasing to dance and take selfies with the audience. Her unique and husky voice resounded throughout the theater.

Her performance was energetic and enjoyable. A highlight was “나이고싶어 (Want to Be Myself),” which deals with her personal story and was accompanied in concert by a music video. She also performed some of the songs she previously performed during “UnprettyRapstar.”

Jessi took some more selfies with her audience before she and Mighty Mouse had an encore song, “노세 (Let’s Enjoy),” a Mighty Mouse track featuring Jessi. After the concert, they took selfies with the audience before retiring to the afterparty at Feria nightclub in Koreatown.

By Genesis Miranda, Dong-gi Jung