TWICE is Featured in a Fashion Magazine

TWICE ; Photography Courtesy of Singles

Korean girl group, TWICE, wore signature rash guard, showing off its girlish figure.

TWICE released fashion photo from the July issue of Singles, Korean fashion magazine.

In the released picture, each member of TWICE displays her own distinctive characteristic regardless of similar styling to each other. 

Printed and colorful rash guard each member wore in the picture had its own appeal as well.

Sana, Tzu-Yu, Nayeon, and Jeongyeon ; Photography Courtesy of Singles

Especially, Tzu-Yu wore black printed rash guard, which accents her chic appearance.
Sana and Nayeon are wearing pink and blue sky rash guard respectively, looking more girlish.

You can find more of TWICE from the July issue of Singles, as well as on its mobile website!

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Translated by Daeun Jeong