Trendsetters Revolutionize the Music Industry: Dynamic Duo and MyMusicTaste


dynamic duoThe legendary K-hip hop group Dynamic Duo blew away the audience with an impressive live concert at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, last Saturday, March 19th.

LA was the final destination of Dynamic Duo’s 2016 North American tour with MyMusicTaste (MMT), a Seoul-based startup. The night was packed with over 2,000 fans from diverse backgrounds. Gaeko and Choi Ja’s powerful delivery of lyrics and their ability to engage the audience had the fans hysterically shouting for more at the end of the show.

Here is an introduction to a young, growing, and learning company MyMusicTaste and an exclusive interview with Dynamic Duo:

What is MyMusicTaste?
MyMusicTaste is a fan-driven concert platform, where fans request their favorite artists to perform in their cities through the site. If enough fans build up sufficient momentum, then MyMusicTaste notices and contacts the artists’ company. If the time is right, then they try to set up a concert.

That was exactly the case for Dynamic Duo. In the six-day period from which MyMusicTaste announced that Dynamic Duo would be going on tour to the date they announced the cities, MyMusicTaste received about 2000 “makes,” or requests, in the United States alone.

MyMusicTaste as a trend setter?

MyMusicTaste is unique because fans do the research and the promotion for them. Fans tell the company where the demand is by voting on the site. Fans share social media posts to recruit their friends to attend the concert. It’s a win-win situation for the artist, the promoters, and the fans.

MMT understands and addresses the fans’ desire to see certain artists. In fact, they were the first company to bring K-pop concerts to certain cities like Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki is now a hot spot that all K-poppers try to touch because there is such a great demand.

What has MyMusicTaste accomplished so far?

MyMusicTaste has put together over 80 performances in less than three years since the company started. Last February, MyMusicTaste hosted a North American tour with EXO, a globally sensational K-pop boy band. In the future, MMT hopes to bring international musicians to Korea, because they have noticed a growing demand for foreign artists in Korea.

MyMusicTaste has also launched a brand new website last Tuesday, March 22nd. They used the information from various fan surveys to design a site that is clearer, more intuitive, and user-friendly.

We also got a chance to sit with Dynamic Duo for a one on one interview:

Choi Ja: Musically speaking, melodic songs are more popular with the Korean audience. The American fans here seem to resonate more with song with stronger, more exciting beats to them.

Gaeko: The American audience also enjoys groovy songs that they can dance to. For example, “Three Dopeboyz” (쌔끈해) and “Hot Wings” (날개뼈) are more popular with the American audience than they are with the Korean fans.

C: I feel both grateful and proud on stage when I see people from diverse backgrounds sing along with us. It must have taken them a lot of listening and practicing in order to memorize the lyrics, especially because it’s not in their native language.


Are there any artists in the U.S. whom you would like to collaborate with?

C: Although it would be great to work with Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, there are also very talented artists in the Korean American hip hop scene whom we would like to collaborate with.

G: We have worked with Nafla, who hails from LA, in our last album. We met Sam Oak who came out to our show in Atlanta.

C: Dumbfoundead (nicknamed “dumb”) unfortunately could not make it to the show tonight, because he is in New York. We hope to partner with these folks as much as possible, for an opportunity to introduce our music to the States and for Korean American music to be introduced to Korea.

What are your upcoming plans?

G: When we return to Seoul, we will start preparing for our Seoul concert. We are taking a lot from our experience in the States and will probably create that into music?? Although the date is not set yet, we will most likely release some singles.

C: Since we had such a great time in the States, we hope to continue branching out internationally this year.

G: We want to visit Europe and maybe South America while we are still young and wild.

All in all, MMT is a small team of creative innovators dedicated to a mission to serve music lovers around the world that want to see their favorite artists in a live concert in a city near them.

And Dynamic Duo is truly a pro at engaging the audience through live performances!

By Hajin Lily Yi