Tiffany Came Under Fire for Her Social Media Postings on Independence Day of Korea

Tiffany’s posts ; Photography Courtesy of Tiffany’s Instagram and Snapchat account

Tiffany of K-pop girl group Girls Generation came under fire for her postings on Instagram and Snapchat.

On the eve of National Liberation Day of Korea, she posted a photo of herself with Soo young and Yuri. On the caption, she wrote “Babes,” along with the emojis of national flag of Japan, seemingly indicating their tour concert in Japan.

Her fans expresses worries about using the emoji, because the following day was National Liberation Day of Korea, the national holiday celebrating Korean independence from Japanese colonization.

Regardless of their worries, Tiffany sparked a serious criticism on the following day when she posted an image on Snapchat, decorated with a sticker designed after the rising sun symbol. Because of the its association with Japanese Imperialism, rising sun symbol is perceived as negatively as Nazi symbols.

Many of her Social Media followers criticized that her postings were ignorant, calling for a response.

Tiffany 2
Tiffany’s handwritten letter ; Photography Courtesy of Tiffany’s Instagram account

In response to the controversy, Tiffany posted a handwritten letter apologizing what she has done.

“Hello, this is Tiffany. I apologize for my mistakes, especially on such a precious and meaningful day. I am very ashamed of myself and I deeply regret it. I am sorry for having disappointed so many people with my mistake. I will make sure that this kind of controversy doesn’t happen again.”


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Translated by Daeun Jeong