Three Upcoming Variety Shows Featuring Big Bang



If you haven’t checked out their latest releases, below are the two music videos (I believe you must have, but just in case 😉).


In many aspects, this new release is more special than ever.

Firstly, it completes their 19-month-long project, MADE. Including tracks in albums “M,” “A,” “D,” “E” and three newly added tracks, the latest album, “MADE,” has 11 tracks in total.

Also, “MADE” is special because it’s the last album before member T.O.P’s mandatory military service, which starts in February, 2017. As Big Bang won’t be able to perform as a five-member group for about two years, members are performing at their peaks.

Last but certainly not least, “MADE” celebrates the group’s 10th anniversary. Debuted on August 19, 2006, Big Bang celebrates their past 10 years by releasing the complete full album. Members also have admitted that one of two title tracks, “LAST DANCE,” sings how they feel about the 10-year-long journey.

It seems like members gave nods to making as many appearances on TV as possible to celebrate this special album with their fans. Even though nothing has been determined about music show appearances yet, they’ve announced three variety show appearances, making fans exited to see their various appeals other than musical abilities.

Here are three variety shows Big Bang is to guest on!


1. Infinite Challenge (December 17)

As shown in the preview at the end of last week’s episode, Infinite Challenge invites Big Bang to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. As both Infinite Challenge and Big Bang have been loved by hundreds of thousands of fans for the past decade, two groups gather together to do a grand celebration.

The chemistry between Infinite Challenge and Big Bang has already been proven through past episodes featuring Big Bang members. Especially, “88ers” G-dragon, Taeyang, and Kwang-hee’s reunion is much awaited!


2. Radio Star (December 21)

Through his Instagram account, Yoon Jong-shin gave a sneak peek of next week’s guest to Radio Star. In the picture, Yoon Jong-shin and Big Bang members are posing in front of a Christmas tree in the studio. The caption reads, “#빅뱅 #BigBang #RadioStar #NextWeek #Wednedsday #hilarious.”

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Since Radio Star is renowned for its frank and straightforward questions thrown out to guests, fans are expecting to get answers to things they’ve been curious about.


3. Weekly Idol (January 4)

Weekly Idol’s (and our) long-time wish is finally realized! As one of the veteran idol groups, Big Bang is coming to Weekly Idol in the first week of the new year.

In courtesy of MBC Every1
In courtesy of MBC Every1

Will they be able to do the “2X Dance” with perfection? How will Doni react to reunion with G-Dragon? You will find all the answers soon!


By Heewon Kim

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