Three Soothing K-Ballads from the First Three Days of February 2016


It has only been three days since the turn of a calendar for the second month of 2016, but the K-ballad industry is overflowing with charming new releases each day. Here are three soothing K-ballads from each day in the month of February so far.

[FEB 1ST] I’m Young – Nam Tae Hyun

Tae Hyun’s solo piece “I’m Young” was written and composed by Tae Hyun himself. The soothing vocals with dreamy, expressive lyrics that resemble a sad love poem, this is a true gem in WINNER’s new album EXIT:E.

[FEB 2ND] Baek Z Young – There’s No Cure

The blend of Baek Z Young’s feminine and melodic voice and Verbal Jint’s masculine and strong rap make for a pleasant collaboration.

[FEB 3RD] Taeyeon – Rain

Hot off the record as of February 3rd, SNSD’s leader Taeyeon dropped a new song “RAIN”, a medium-tempo modern love song. “RAIN” showcases Taeyeon’s clear voice and the MV shows off her new short blond hair.

By Hajin Lily Yi