Tens of videos created in Korean, Chinese and English


Another Chinese-American is giving her best efforts in the hopes of developing the Korean-American community.

Her name is Lucy Xiao. The 19-year-old is currently majoring in political science at UCLA as a freshman. Currently interning at nonprofit organization Happy Village, Xiao’s father is a working for the city after immigrating to the U.S. decades ago from Guangdong.

“There are many nonprofit organizations I could intern for in the Chinese community,” Xiao said. “It stands out that I’m interning within the Korean community as a Chinese-American college student.”

Xiao has only interned at Happy Village for three months. She is set for a different internship in London starting July. However, she thanked Happy Village for the opportunity and proudly said that she gave her best efforts during her stay.

Xiao’s primary duty included shooting promotional videos, editing and uploading them. She even made appearances in her own work. Every video was made in Korean, Chinese and English. The total number of videos she worked on is 24. The list of the campaigns she worked on includes Frontier Service, US Again, Amazon Smile, Ralph’s, Food For Less and Goodshop. Her favorite? US Again as she had the duty of researching and developing the program on her own.

Happy Village director Mark Lee said: “The Korean community stills struggles to use the available resources around them even when they’re paying taxes for them. Lucy’s talents helped us to further research and development programs as Happy Village sets itself up to serve the Korean community. We hope even more Korean-American college students to help their own community in the future.”

Find the videos from Happy Village from its official YouTube channel.


By Byung Chang