Suzy of Miss-A Talks about Her Nickname as the “Nation’s First Love”

Suzy ; Courtesy by OnStyle

K-pop girl group Miss-A’s Suzy expressed her wish to stay as the “nation’s first love” as her nickname says.

On episode 15 of Get It Beauty, Korean TV Beauty Show, Suzy answered a series of questions regarding anything about her, including the beauty tips.

To the question asking about the title she wants to let go of the least, Suzy answered with the most renowned nickname of her – the “nation’s first love.” She added the reason by saying, “the first love remains as the most beautiful memory to many people.”

Through the episode, her personal make-up pouch will be unfolded, as well as her skin care routine and beauty tips.

In addition, she added her new anti-aging skin care routine to remain as the “nation’s first love.” She revealed her beauty secret of applying serum before the toner to provide maximum nutrition to the skin.

The episode of Get It Beauty featuring Suzy provides information about anti-aging secrets.  

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Translated by Daeun Jeong